Wikana, Thailand

Think the future

I’m an HR and administration manager at our Konecranes country head office in Pinthong, Thailand. My responsibilities cover the full set of tasks relating to HR and administration, and also safety issues. I’m also responsible for heading my team. It’s especially satisfying when employees get in touch about training opportunities and want to see how the world is outside our local area. I love to take on challenges, and its great to see others do the same!

Keep on learning

Our customers include many famous firms, for example papermakers, power plants, steel manufacturers and other players in the heavy-duty industry. It’s important to keep in mind that for them, as for all of our customers, we need to do more than supply a great product. It’s simply the case that people are increasingly the keys to success. Konecranes puts top priority on HR development and I’m glad I can contribute to this.

The right choice

It’s been only a year since I joined Konecranes, but I already know I made a good choice. Konecranes is a financially sound company and continues to lead the way both globally and here in Thailand. I applied for the job as I knew that my contribution would be to develop the people and I trust that together with the support of my colleagues we can make this happen. Please take a look around our website and learn more about what a great company we have.

Ann, United States

Playing for the team

My story with Konecranes started with a newspaper advertisement more than 20 years ago.  The job was for an accounts payable clerk in Springfield, Ohio. Later, I participated in opening the Phoenix Service Office. My titles have been Administrator, Maintenance Coordinator, Service Supervisor, Service Manager and now Branch Manager. We are the largest branch in our district. I like it when we overcome challenges as a team.

It’s nice to show results

I enjoy telling customers about Konecranes. I also like seeing how our customers get results and knowing Konecranes was a big part of the success. We have a great maintenance program that we can sell in the beginning. After that we learn their processes and take the relationship deeper. It’s about making their processes more productive and safe.  When a customer truly partners with us it is fun to do a business review and show the results and the trends.

Growing strong

I have seen the company go through a lot of changes and I am very happy for the chance to be a part of them. I was around and involved when the first service branch started in Springfield. It is amazing how far and fast everything grew, so there is no end in sight for Konecranes. My personal plans would be either to train and support the up and coming enterprise IT programs, or I would like to take my operations experience and go to the district level. Either way I’m sure I can count on the support I have always had when trying something new.

Dinesh, India

Seize the opportunities

I’m national sales manager for standard and heavy-duty cranes, based in Pune, India. I’ve moved up from the district to the national level and that was possible because I was given the opportunity to prove myself. The same goes for many of my other team members. I’m excited about my job. The selling and the travelling are what I enjoy the most.

Getting the smarts

We’re here not just to lift things but the entire businesses of our customers. It’s not just about ensuring that our customers buy the right cranes, but also about keeping to our commitments and total service. Our customers trust us to provide them with cranes that deliver maximized performance and minimized downtime over the useful life of the crane. Increasingly it is the smart features of our cranes that are appreciated the most.

All the right ingredients

Konecranes is a global company always looking for growth. We are also a highly professional team with strong values and ethics. Our product portfolio is the best and so is our R&D. A lot of emphasis is placed on training and opportunities for professional growth. With these ingredients I am confident that we can increase our market share and become even stronger in India. I can truly recommend Konecranes as an employer. I made the right choice.