Our values are the most important common denominator for everyone in Konecranes: those create a joint foundation for all Konecranes employees regardless of our tasks, location or background. Our values are the backbone of our company and guide our decisions and priorities.

Our values are our identity and those are shown in our behavior. That is how one can recognize a Konecranes employee no matter where one is at – we all share same values and act according to those, regardless of geographical location.

We want to be known for our great people. 

We have the best people working for the company and we trust our employees to do their jobs the best possible way they can, at the same time demonstrating our Values.

We want to be known for always keeping our promises.

Every Konecranes employee’s work ultimately leads to fulfilling our customers’ needs. We are here to give a total service experience to our customers.

We want to be known as a financially sound company.

Sustained Profitability means that we want to be a good employer - a company that makes decisions that secure Konecranes' future both in the short and in the long run.