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Country:  United States

New Berlin, US

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Employment type:  Undefined term
Full-time/part-time position:  Full time
Job Code USA/CA:  App Engineering

Mechanical Application Engineer-New Berlin, WI

Country: United States (US) 
Location: New Berlin
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At Konecranes, we believe that great customer experience is built on the people behind the Konecranes name – people committed to providing our customers with lifting equipment and services that lift their businesses. Everything we do, we do with passion and drive. 

We believe diversity drives business success and is the foundation for our growth. We welcome different backgrounds and skills that enrich our community and we promote a place where we can ALL be ourselves. This is what makes Konecranes a unique place to work.




POSITION TITLE: Mechanical Application Engineer 


ORGANIZATION: Konecranes Nuclear Equipment and Services 


REPORTS TO: VP of Sales   




Prepare technical commercial proposals based on cost estimates for material handling equipment and modernizations including hoists, cranes, transporters, machines, jibs and custom products  to be utilized in a production or maintenance capacity in nuclear power, government, and specialty plant environments. 


  • Support the sales department in all phases of mechanical activities related to the creation of proposals.   

  • Review customer Request for Proposal (RFI) documentation and prioritize the completion of the individual documents including getting assistance from other qualified resources in engineering, installation, purchasing, accounting, legal, etc.  Be able to review specifications and provide corresponding compliance matrixes for the specifications.   

  • Size the crane structural components plus the Hoist, Trolley and Bridge drive components for the speciality application.  Develop a preliminary mechanical system BOM, including man-hour estimates, manufacturing quotes and other related data so an accurate proposal can be created to satisfy a customer’s request for proposal (RFP). 

  • Develop an understanding of acceptable risk and work scopes that are within KNES expertise.  Work with the Sales group to determine the best strategy to win these projects considering our customer’s needs, what differentiates us and the competition we will be up against.   

  • Establish customer requirements.  Analyze material handling application including physical environment (temperature, containment, location, dust, humidity, presence of gases or vapors, etc.), industrial process (types of loads, precise load handling, weight of loads, throughput requirements, reliability factors such as up-time, whether equipment is part of process or for maintenance, required safety features, etc.), capacity, voltage, speed, duty class, design standards (European, US, Canadian, International), and local codes (construction/electrical).  Review and interpret specifications, discuss customer’s needs, and make technical suggestions or present options to enhance productivity and reliability of equipment.  May prepare cost/benefit analysis for customer, depending upon application and specifications.  Rely on engineering knowledge and overall knowledge of industrial applications and/or industry experience. 

  • Design material handling solution (overhead crane, SFP, CXT, jib crane, monorail, workstation, or combination thereof) to meet application requirements utilizing knowledge of technical parameters, industrial applications, and constraints of available products. 

  • Establish specifications and parameters to be used to size and select proper components (electrical/mechanical/structural), based upon customer requirements.  Utilize proprietary Konecranes software, price books, product manuals, and manual calculations to design and select appropriate components.  Interpret software results and evaluate for appropriateness.  Adjust software output based upon engineering judgment and industry experience. 

  • Formalize customer proposal.  Prepare technical documentation, terms, conditions, and pricing. 

  • Travel to customer sites to present proposals with Salesman and address answers from their Team.   

  • Create lists of detailed technical exceptions to customer requirements or suggested solutions. 



EDUCATION:  Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Required. 



EXPERIENCE:  Solution oriented approach is required.  Work independently, be creative and organized. Excellent problem-solving skills, have good specification and blueprint reading skills and be able to communicate effectively both in writing and verbally.  Excellent computer skills are essential ie excel, word and projects.  Strong technical background required.  Mechanical and Electrical design and estimating is required.  Prior experience with cranes and components used in nuclear power plants and/or for the government is highly preferred. 




Konecranes is a world-leading group of Lifting Businesses™, serving a broad range of customers. We are truly a global company with 16,900 employees at 600 locations in 50 countries. For over 80 years, we have been dedicated to improving the efficiency and performance of businesses in all types of industries. We believe that sustainable growth is a result of a strong responsible performance. Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled/Other Protected Category.

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